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The Grand 5 star Deluxe Hotel Resort, Slovakia, Europe.

Private Condos and Parking Slot ownership in a 5 star Hotel gives an excellent Investment opportunity to the Investor seeking high Rental returns of 23% to 26%.  Plus the developer's Buy Back option that gives you  double your investment back.  This is a Pre-construction Opportunity.
Slovakia Hotel condo. 23% rental Europe       
The GRAND 5 Star Deluxe Hotel Resort
Two things we know that are important in any real estate purchase is LOCATION and LEVERAGE and this project has the best of both. The best part is you can Purchase with only 20% down, and nothing more to pay for ever. You can even purchase in installments,  in a market which has the potential to appreciate 20 percent every year for the next 5 years.
This resort is being developed in collaboration with our Business Partner, the Landowner, Richard Fencl and Vanda Fenclova, of address: Karpatska 4489/36, 92101 Banka, Slovakia. Office:Restaurácia – Rybník 169, 922 01 Basovce, SLOVAKIA. Tel. +421 33/7746836 – (7),   Mob.: +421 944 323 663.
                                                      Key Features
      How would you like to own something with these fantastic benefits?. Take advantage of the exceptional returns without the hassle.
  •  1.   Purchase with $18,000 only.
  •  2.   Freehold property with title insurance. Registered Title Deed for Each Unit.
  •  3.   Easy Exit. Developer guarantees Buy Back at US$36,000 on completion. You get double your investment back.
  •  4.    Rental Income:  If you do not take Buy-Back. Your big Rental income is $4,088 per year on the $18000 purchase.
  •  5.    As per your instructions, your fixed contractual rental income either paid monthly or compounded at 14% every 6 months.
  •  6.    No Property Taxes: No other costs. Property taxes, Title insurance, Registration. All charges paid by Developer. No additional investment or legal fees.
  •  7.     All transactions  in US$. Repayments, Rentals and Buy back paid back to you in US$.
  •  8.    Developer Buy Back, Property Title Deed, Registeration, Start of Rental payments etc to the Buyer are all done within 15 days of completion. No Gap period or delays.
  •  9.   Over 2200% projected return over 5 years of completion.  
  • 10.    Fully furnished and always maintained to 5 star standards, at no cost to the buyer.
Regular in-office price $180,000. Special internet price $90,000 for 50 units. 
Unit type  
No. of units  
Purchase Price in US $
Price increase
in US$.
Studio  units.
At regular intervals. 
  Book Today any property online for USD200 only and also get 50% discount on the property price. Link: Booking form.  This online 50% discount price is for only 50 units. This offer is not available in our offices, or any other location. There the Buyer has to pay the full price. 

The 50 units via internet Sell Out quickly at this discounted price of $90,000. Then No more discount internet sales, and the price jumps 100% back to the original price. Reserve now to guarantee you get in while it's available.  

Site visit: Online sales get $5,000 towards the site visit. Link: http://www.eastwestdevelopments.com/viewingtrip.aspx
To purchase you decide. Either go to the location to complete the transaction, or do it online over the internet. At location the  buyer pays the fulll price and online currently you get 50% discount.  

Why the price is so much cheaper on the internet.  How is it possible?

  •    With the progress of new technologies, new innovations and ecommerce, many industries and big companies by adopting online payments are abolishing  the middleman, agents and overheads, and passing the savings of 50% or more to the Buyers. see list.  These listers are changing the World.   Ours is a highly desirable investment opportunity, offering unmatched returns with fantastic lifestyle benefits.  Should you have any questions please call or send email to ewdev@mail.com  Looking forwards to hearing from you.
  • The No-Pressure Internet  offer. You will get no high-pressure sales or reminders from us. We have no agents for doing this. 
  •   » Review all material at your own pace  »  Fully understand the investment    » Speak to us only when you're ready.  
    To get 50% and all the discounts and  benefits, make  the purchase now thru the  Online Link.
    Purchases made on site or thru other sources will be at the full price. It will not be discounted.

    2 Purchase Payment Plan Options are available to you:   1 Purchase paying 20% down only.  Or  2 you can pay lumpsum in advance for the full purchase and get a substantial discount.  The Buyer has to select only one Option.

    As an example in the numbers below the price of a studio unit is taken as $90,000.  However as price is increasing regularly, depending on today’s price this could vary.


    Purchase with 20% down payment only. 20% down of $90,000 comes to $18,000. Pay $18,000 in installment.  25 interest-free monthly installment payments of $720 each, for a total of $18,000. No need to pay the  balance 80% on completion of the building.  Buyers when selecting  this monthly installment Payment Plan agrees to accept the details and terms of the monthly payment plan. Link: http://www.eastwestdevelopments.com/finance.aspx   OR you can pay in advance for the full 20% purchase price and get a discount. Full 20% lumpsum purchase price is discounted to $17,000 only. 

    Buy Back: On completion Buyer can opt to sell your unit instead of continuing with the rental income. The developer is contracted to Buy Back and give you US$36,000 on completion date. if paying $18000 in installments,  buyer's Buy-Back income is $18,000. if paying $17000 in lumpsum, buyer's Buy-Back income is $19,000. More than double your investment back.

    Rental Income:  Provided you do not take the Developer Buy-Back and decide to continue with your unit. Rental income on 20% ownership is $4,088per annum or 20% of the rental income collected by the Developer, whichever is greater.  if paying $18000 in installments, buyer's Guaranteed  rental income is 23%.   if paying  $17000 in lumpsum, buyer's Guaranteed  rental income is 24%.This rental amount is paid to you starting from the first month of completion.




    You can pay the full purchase price on booking. And get free a Parking slot along with your condo. And get a discount also.   The full payment price is reduced to $85,000. Pay $85000 in installments. 25 interest-free monthly installment payments of $3,400 each for a total of $85,000.  Buyers when selecting  this monthly installment Payment Plan  agrees to accept the details and terms of the monthly payment plan. Link:http://www.eastwestdevelopments.com/finance.aspx   OR you can pay in advance for the full  purchase price and get a substantial discount. Full lumpsum purchase price is discounted to $80,000 only.

    Buy Back: On completion Buyer can opt to sell your unit instead of continuing with the rental income. The developer is contracted to Buy Back and give you US$180,000 on completion date.  if paying $85000 in installments,  buyer's Buy-Back income is $95,000. This is more than double your investment back. If paying $80000 in lumpsum, buyer's Buy-Back is 222%.

    Rental Income: Provided you do not take the Developer Buy-Back and decide to continue with your unit. Minimum Rental income is $20,440 per annum or 50% of the rental collected by the Developer, whichever is greater.  if paying $85000 in installments, buyer's Guaranteed  rental income is 24%. If paying $80000 in lumpsum, buyer's Guaranteed  rental income is 26%. This rental amount is paid to you starting from the first month of completion.Plus you also get rental income from your free Parking lot unit.




    Please note: Your above Buy-Back or Rental returns are fixed for all buyers.  However the buying price keeps increasing. It started with $85,000. It may be over $190,000 soon.  The cheaper you buy - your returns will be proportionally much higher.

    Avoid missing this opportunity as it will be sold out  very soon - and once it is gone, it is gone for good!
     If the buyer has money sitting in the bank earning less than 20%, then this is an excellent option to buy a unit.  

    100% owner gets 100% returns.  20% owner gets 20% of the returns.

    To get a written quote: Click: Enquiry.  On receiving your enquiry, a company representatives will work out your maximum discounts and rebates, and send you your guaranteed lowest quote for your review. 

    Interested in the purchase of a unit: Send the: More Info Form today, and get $95,000 plus $5,000 for Site visit. Total $100,000 discount. On receiving your form, you will get letter confirming your discount. After that, you decide if you want to make the purchase or not. If NO, Then just say 'NO'.  If you decide to purchase the property, then you get $100,000 cash or discount and will need to send your balance purchase payment.
    Buyer on making the  payment.  will receive an ALLOTMENT CUM RESERVATION LETTER,  If paying in intallments, Account statements are emailed to owners at regular intervals.

    3 months before the completion of the building Developer will inform you of your 2 options.  #1.You can either select the Developer Buy-Back Gaurantee on competion date.  OR  #2. Select to own your unit. As OWNER the buyer gets the ownership TITLE DEED and your rental income starts on competion date.

    How can the developer guarantee the high rental returns and the Buy-Back option that gives you double your investment back. 

  • Your question is valid. And the answer is quite simple: Click For details on: Buy-back
  •    Regarding the Buy-back guarantee.  The buyer is purchasing the property at a 50% discount. So the buyer already has the double your investment price built in their hands. This is a question of demand and supply.
  •    The present rental returns formula equates to the property price being 3 -4 times more than your buying price. As the rental rates increase, so will your property value.  You may see these price jumps very soon.
  •     Provided the Condo Hotel is complete, but the rental payment or Buy back payment is late. The developer will pay late fees to the Buyer at the rate of 16% per annum for the period late, till the promised payment is paid
  •    Regarding the high rental returns: Please see the Rental Rates detailed description down below.
  • For clarifications or questions on the rental rates or Buy-back contact: info@eastwestdevelopments.com

    When Buyer wants to Sell out:

    The prices are projected to be 3-4 times by completion date. There are many exit strategies. 

    1. Developer Buy Back on completion date. With increased value, developer will be only be too happy to buy buyer units.

    2. Buyer can sell in the open market. To get an even higher price.

    3. The buyer can resell in the RESALE POOL to earn early profits. For full Resale pool details. Link    http://www.eastwestdevelopments.com/resalepool.aspx

                           Rental Rates, Slovakia.

    5 star Hotels is good business.  It gives very high rental returns.

    Rental Rates & your anticipated income:

    For comparision sake let us check the rental income on the Radisson Carlton Hotel, a 4 star hotel resort in Slovakia, then we will see the following returns:- Average Hotel Room (Studio) rate of $140 per night.

    $140 per night multiplied by 365 day and again by 80%, the occupancy rate in Slovakia in 2013, statistics by the Slovakia tourism, this will total an annual rental revenue of $40,880. There are many operational expenses in running the hotel.   Total operational expenses  are calculated at 50%.  Buyer will receive $20,440, that is 50% of the rental revenues from the units.  

    The Developer has committed to guarantee this as the minimum payment to his investor buyers. However this Rental income is calculated on a 4 star hotel. Your condo will be in a 5 star hotel resort. Your revenues will be substantially higher than this minimum of $20,440. Please note the Developer is committed to give you 50% of the Developer's rental revenue, or this minimum of $20,440 whichever is higher.

    It does not matter if your particular unit is rented or not. As the revenue from all the similar units is pooled together and the revenue divided in equal proportion among the owners.  Rental income and owner possession starts from day 1 on completion. The purchaser can use his purchase and stay in the hotel for Free and when not using it is rented and making money for him.

    Comparison of these rental returns to renting out a condo apartment: 

    For argument sake let us compare the two rental income results: Suppose the buyer had purchased a regular condo or house for $85,000, and rented it out for say $850 per month. The property management fees would be 10%. On top of that the daily and annual repairs and maintenance costs, plus the insurance and property taxes, utilities, miscellaneous etc works out another 15%. Total 25%. The net in the owners hand is estimated at $637 per month, x 12 = $7,650 annually. Compare this to the buyer's price of $85,000 on a studio unit in the condo hotel, the annual rental revenues from the above studio is $20,440. Plus the owners unit is always maintained to the 5 star level. The buyer can compare and easily see which is a better investment.

    Slovakia is a hidden paradise.  There is an acute shortage of 5 star hotel resorts in Slovakia. In the next 4 years as the demand increases, the room rates are likely to go higher and the occupancy percentage is also expected to increase. The real estate prices are also appreciating at the rate of 10-20% annually. Considering all this it is expected the revenues generated from the studios will be substantially higher than the annual rental income of $20,440, which is calculated as on today's prices.

    Scenario 1: This is the expected scenario. Annual revenues from a studio unit are expected to be $40,880. The owner's share at 50% comes to= $20,440 per year. This is excellent profits and income.
    For argument sake let us take a worst case scenario: This scenario is not likely to happen, however the figures show that even in the worst case, the buyer will still make good money. There is nothing to worry. 
    Scenario 2: Let us assume the annual revenue is not $40,880 or higher, but less than even half of that say $20,000. The owner's share at 50% comes = $10,000. Not bad even this is good income.
    If still at lower revenues, which is not likely, please note the buyers also have the developers guarantee of 23% rental on original invested amount that kicks in. As such the owner's net income is always guaranteed. Not bad, and if the revenues generated are higher, then of course the owners make more money.  
    So as the above scenarios show the buyer has all his bases covered and is bound to make a profit on this project. First realistically it is not expected the revenues to be so low as shown in the above scenario. Secondly the owners can take a quick profit and sell their unit at any stage.  Also Easy Exit. Developer guarantees Buy Back at US$180,000 on completion. You get  double your investment back. 

    Rental returns proves that the owner units will appreciate in value significantly :

    In real estate a 10% annual net return is considered to be a very healthy, and properties with that kind of returns are closed immediately by the buyers. This is a question of economics and demand and supply. A I0% return is considered a good return. Applying this scenario to the owners in this property. The owners return of 50% on revenues of $40,880 comes to $20,440. Using the 10% formula, this equates to a property price of $204.400. Your pre buying price is $85,000,  So the owners have an equity of $119,400 built in their buying price. There is a huge potential of value appreciation for the owners
    This is rs the following key advantages.  
    1 No risk of losing a dime of your investment 
    2 Flipping  Returns of up to 380%
    3 It is totally seamless, you do not have to do anything.
    4 Performance in both up and down markets

    1. A famous American investor,  Robert Allen, once wrote

    2. “If you want to be wealthy don’t wait to buy real estate   . . . . .

    3. buy real estate and wait”.


    Active map. Zoom in or zoom out to change the View or change the style of the map.
    Click:  +  or  -  To Zoom for full view.    Click: Map for Map view     Sat for Satellite view    Ter for Terrain view
    Active map. If Map is not displaying. Click here to View the map.

                             Coordinates: 6°8′S 39°19′E           Map of Slovakia.                      

     Slovakia lies in Central Europe. It is known as the jewel of  Europe. It is 8 stories high and have 46 units on each floor. It is a very good location, close to the highway, good restaurants,  shopping, malls, schools, colleges, hospitals, public transport etc.

    All maps, dimensions, drawings, architectural plans, building material and appearance, location, site area, lot size, dimensions, shape and plan, construction start date,  construction period, completion dates, site & floor plans etc are approximate and information is subject to change without  notice.  The Seller reserves the right to make revisions. Buyer when making a purchase, agrees to accept these revisions.
    Floor Plans
    STUDIO 402 sq. ft. 
    1 Bedroom 1 bath 558 sq. ft 
    2 Bedrooms 2 baths 992 sq. ft. 
    Presidential Suites, 3 Bedrooms 1340 sq. ft. 

      Site Viewing:  All persons are welcome to come and visit the site location. There is no substitute for personally viewing the Site Land and the area. Or during the construction stage. That is why when you purchase the developer is giving you a site visit bonus of $5,000 to use as you like.  This amount you may use towards a site visit or keep as your savings. Try to visit the site. This would be a good early opportunity to see firsthand all that this country has to offer.


    Every Friday at 3 p.m. (For Overseas Clients only)


       Meet the Landowner, Slovakia.

    Free 5* Hotel Property viewing. 
    •    3 months before the completion date, the Condo Buyers  and the full Parking slot Buyers are sent an invitation to attend the Grand opening function of their hotel. Fractional Parking slot buyers are not eligible for this invitation.    Invitation includes:
    •    One free economy round-trip air-fare.  Hotel transfers.  3 nights, 4 days stay.  4 days of Food & drinks. Breakfast, Lunch, 2 hours of Happy hour every evening, Dinner. Snacks and beverage served thru out the day.  One day of sight-seeing. One day free for shopping etc. 100% Condo Buyers get Business class air-fare instead of economy and  stay in a VIP suite instead of the regular hotel room. 
    •     Tour of the property. During the tour the Buyer is offered Buy-Back at double his Purchase price. Paid either by cash or check or wired to his account any where in the world. If the Buyer does not take Buy-Back, then his rental income starts from the completion date as published on the official Occupation Certificate as issued by the Building Department of the City.

    Foreign Nationals:                                                                                                                                                               Foreign Nationals (Not citizens of Slovakia.) on completion of the building will be issued Ownership Title units of the CondoHotel Management company instead of the Ownership Title deeds. This CondoHotel Management company will have under its wings the same number of units in ownership as the same number of Foreign buyers. Example if 100 Foreign Buyers purchase a condo unit, then this CondoHotel Management company will have under its ownership 100 condo units. All the benefits, rental returns etc will be exactly the same as the regular Buyers and regular property owners. This facility is given to the Foreign buyers to help simplify their investing with the East West Developments. This facility helps the Foreign Buyers to enjoy all the benefits from the property, and  makes it easy for them to sell out when they wish to do so. No Capital Gains Tax to pay, when Foreign Nationals sell to another Foreign National.

    Our goal is to make it extremely easy to participate in our projects. We will listen to the investors goals and help them experience the magic of great returns.  

    Investor Services

    Real estate has always been one of the key drivers to accelerate growth in any economy. Slovakia Real Estate is at the beginning of a dramatic growth phase. With the strong economy growth, Slovakia real estate is promising the best returns and an investment opportunity window to those who step forward.

    East West Development Co. has become a leading Slovakia real estate service provider to the global market. We exclusively represent the top developers of Slovakia to provide a wide choice to a global buyer. Our relationship with leading financial institutions and Banks brings unique in depth market knowledge and access to financing and numerous real estate investment opportunities in Slovakia.

    The condo hotel studio units, in size 402 sq. ft.

    Lot Size: 15 Acres.


    Project Description: The Grand 5 Star Hotel and Convention Center, located in the heart of Slovakia, will be a five-star property. It will offer families, business travelers, conventioneers, and tourists the opportunity to stay and enjoy and explore the hidden paradise, Slovakia.

    Intended star rating: 5 stars. Location is very central. Close to all amenities, shopping center, restarants, clubs, mall, public transport, schools, university, hospital, medical services, post office, banks, train station, airport, taxi stand etc. 

    Price increase every month: A limited number of units will be made available in new releases every month. Substantial price increases before completion.

      Building Features:

    • Freehold residential hotel resort apartments.
    • Luxurious finishing for the main entrance and for the main corridors. 
    • High quality durable finishing. 
    • Large lobby and corridors to give feeling of comfort and openness. 
    • High speed elevators. 
    • Central satellite system and intercom system. 
    • Central Air conditioning. 
    • Card Entry System.
    • CCTV and 24 hours Security System.
    • Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm System. 
    • gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, baby play area, party and meeting hall. 
    • Discotheque 
    • 5 restaurants and bars & coffee shops.
    • Full-service spa and fitness center
    • meeting and convention space 
    • Banquet Halls. 
    • shopping promenade 
    • Internet & Media lounge.  
        • Three swimming pools 
    • Party rooms
    • Boutique spa 
    • Play center
    • Tennis courts 
    • 12,000 sq. ft. convention & meeting space 
    • Business center 
    • High-speed Internet access & WiFi 
    • sport & activity center 
    • Outdoor tented reception area 
    • Wedding gazebo 
    • Terrace Steak House 
    • Pool bar & grill 
    • Lounge with nightly live music  

    Building Features & Services: As a five-star condo hotel resort, The Grand Slovakia will have a variety of restaurants with extremely high standards, a lounge, a coffee shop, boutiques, fitness center, spa, swimming pool, tennis, business center and ample meeting space with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment . The property will offer valet, security and concierge services.  Each unit owner will be entitled to full hotel privileges, including daily housekeeping service, valet parking, gym access and concierge services. 

    Price Increase: every month. 

    Completion Date: December 2021.  The valid completion date for payment of Buy back and start of the Rental payments will be the date on the offical Occupation Certificate as issued by the Building Department of the City.  Buyers will be kept informed on the Construction progress. Construction updates will also be posted on the website.

    List of Completed and Running Condo Hotels.   5 Star Condo hotels is good business.

    List of Under construction Condo Hotels and developments.

    List of JV Developers and Builders.

    Compensation paid to Buyers:  The Developer guarantees that the Condo Hotel will be completed on or before the completion date, except in the event of force majeure,  conditions that are beyond the control of the developer.  In case of the Developers delays in completion of the building by the mentioned date, then the Developer will pay a penalty to the Buyers.

    Penalty#1:  The Developer will give to the Buyer of a 100% Studio unit 2 free Parking slots on completion. Similar pro-rata free units for other buyer purchases. Example a buyer of a 20% Studio unit will get 2 free 20% Parking slots on completion.

    Penalty#2:  Provided any rental payment or Buy back payment is late. The Developer will pay late fees to the Buyer at the rate of 16% per annum for the period late, till the promised payment is paid.

    Insurance during Construction:   The Seller will at all times throughout the course of the construction period, keep the Units insured to its reinstatement cost for the time being with a reputable Insurer. In case of destruction, all the  damaged or destroyed parts will be reinstated by the Developer who will apply the proceeds of the policy of insurance towards the reinstatement. If the proceeds of the insurance are insufficient to cover the cost of reinstatement, the Developer will make good any deficiency.

    No price escalation during construction:  Any escalations in the price on the cost of construction or for any other reason will be borne by East West Development.  

    Contract Assignability: Yes, contracts can be assigned. That means your reservation can be sold and assigned to a new buyer. This is highly unusual in  the U.S. and around the world, and it certainly is a benefit to the buyer.

    Franchise/Management Company: A worldwide international hotel chain, not yet determined.  Franchise will be a big chain like Ritz Carlton, Fairmont, Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Intercontinental or Meridien etc.

    Introducing:   Slovakia.  has been a an exotic place for over a thousand years. Its economy which has grown by an average of 10% over the last decade (12% in 2012), it is easy to see why Slovakia has become a magnet for foreign investment.
    Why Invest in Slovakia? The Economy
    1.  Slovakia has consistently outperformed this growth rate. 

    2. Slovakia exerts a magnetic attraction on foreign investment. International firms have attracted a pool of skilled ex-patriot workers, creating a demand for high quality property and serviced apartments. At the same time, the economic success has poured money into Slovakia and the local market for property has changed to reflect this greater wealth. 

    3. In the past few years, the Slovakia administration has invested huge amounts in the improvement of road and transportation systems, which will influence the development of the price and functional configuration of real estate in the future. 

    4. Slovakia will host many international expos a and events.. Such events continue to raise Slovakia profile and draw further investment. All of which further contributes to future growth and demand for property.  This means that the local economy and real estate market have many years of growth driven by strong economic fundamentals ahead.
    Why Invest in Slovakia? The Real Estate Market
    Slovakia's explosive growth has guaranteed the  status as one of world's most attractive property markets. Between 2010 and 2013 apartments in some districts of Slovakia increased in value by 50 percent: The Municipality Statistics Bureau calculates that across the Slovakia, the price of real estate increased by 15 percent in 2013, and has jumped again by 18 percent in 2014. Despite such price rises, Slovakia real estate remains extremely cheap by international standards and the strong economic fundamentals are set to push prices ever higher for some years to come.

    In addition, hotel space in Slovakia is at a premium, with close to zero room availability at some times during the year.
    Why Invest in Slovakia?  The Future

    The Slovakia Government recognizes that foreign investment is the best way to bring wealth and economic growth to Slovakia, and has worked to develop investment conditions that welcome investors and ease the repatriation of wealth. Slovakia has always been open to international trade, but the level of internationalization in Slovakia is progressing very fast. Slovakia already has a large number of foreign schools, institutes, societies , organizations, medical centers and many international foreign companies. Demand for rental property is ensured by strong local demand combined with massive demand for hotels and serviced apartments.   Slovakia has a sparkling future which will be reflected in the property market. 

    The Grand 5 star Deluxe Hotel Resort, Slovakia.

    The Slovak Republic (short form: Slovakia  is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe with a population of over five million and an area of about 49,000 square kilometers (19,000 sq mi). Slovakia borders the Czech Republic andAustria to the west, Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east and Hungary to the south. The largest city is its capital,Bratislava. The second largest city is Košice. Slovakia is a member state of the European Union, NATO, UN, OECD,WTO, UNESCO and other international organizations.

    Slovakia is a high-income advanced economy with one of the fastest growth rates in the EU and OECD. The country joined the European Union in 2004 and was the first Central European state to join the Eurozone on January 1, 2009.  Slovakia became a member of NATO on March 29, 2004 and of the European Union on May 1, 2004. On January 1, 2009, Slovakia adopted the Euro as its national currency.

    Economy of Slovakia:  The Slovak economy is considered an advanced economy, with the country dubbed the "Tatra Tiger". Slovakia transformed from a centrally planned economy to a market-driven economy. Major privatizations are nearly complete, the banking sector is almost completely in private hands, and foreign investment has risen.

    Slovakia has recently been characterized by sustained high economic growth. In 2006, Slovakia achieved the highest growth of GDP (8.9%) among the members of the OECD. The annual GDP growth in 2010 is estimated at 10.4% with a record level of 14.3% reached in the fourth quarter. According to Eurostat data, Slovak PPS GDP per capita stood at 72 percent of the EU average in 2012.

    Industry:  Although Slovakia's GDP comes mainly from the tertiary (services) sector, the country's industry also plays an important role within its economy. The main industry sectors are car manufacturing and electrical engineering. Since 2007, Slovakia has been the world's largest producer of cars per capita,[56] with a total of 1000000 cars manufactured in the country in 2013. There are currently three car manufacturers: Volkswagenin Bratislava, PSA Peugeot Citroen in Trnava and Kia Motors in Žilina.

    From electrical engineering companies, Sony has a factory at Nitra for LCD TV manufacturing, Samsung at Galantafor computer monitors and television sets manufacturing.

    Slovakia's geographical position in Central Europe has long made Slovakia a crossroads for international trade traffic. Various ancient trade routes, such as the Amber Road and the Danube waterway have crossed territory of today Slovakia. Today Slovakia is the road, railway, waterway and airway hub.

    Officially, The Slovak Republic came into existence on January 1, 1993. Slovaks celebrating independence in Bratislava, January 1, 1993

    Slovaks celebrating independence in Bratislava, January 1, 1993

    Slovakia has a large international motorway network. The D1 Freeway, leading to Ruzinov from Bratislava


    Additional 2 Bonus
    •  1.   Buyers get Ownership Gold Card. Within 15 days of completion of the property, All the Condo or Parking slot Buyers will be issued a 'Owner Gold Card.'  Fractional Parking slot owners are are not eligible for the Gold Card. With the Gold Card the owner is recognized as an owner of the property in the hotel. Benefits for the owner and his family members include stay in our chain of 5 star hotels worldwide.  Free stay for 100% Condo owners. 50% discount stay for 20% condo owners or the Parking slot owners. Plus all the owners get 50% discount at all the other hotel facilities, including restaurants, bars, coffee shops, club, spa etc The card may be freely used to get a 50% discount at all the hotel facilities. If the owner sells the property, the Card will expire, and the owner has to return the card back.
    •  2.   Free Car: For the Condo or Parking slot Buyers. One Buyer will be the lucky winner .  On completion of the building a lucky draw will be held at the Grand opening function. One buyers will be the lucky winner of a Mercedez Car S550 or $100,000 in cash in lieu  of the car. 100% Condo buyers get 2 draws. Only for the 100% Condo buyers, a 2nd Free Car draw for One Bently Flying Spur or $200,000 in cash in lieu of the car. Fractional Parking slot buyers are not eligible for the car draw.

    Free stay in our chain of 5 star hotels worldwide:

    100% owner, may use his card for free stay in his unit or in any 5 star hotel in our chain of hotels worldwide. See:  Details & List of hotels. 


                                                INVEST IN PARKING SLOTS     


    There will be 450 car & 20 bus/coach/commercial Paid Parking Slots. Some slots will be in  the open area, and some of the slots will be in the underground parking garage. All vehicles will be issued an electronic time  ticket going in, and have to pay going out.


    Projected Parking rates: $0.50 first hour. Each additional hour $.25.   There are no comparisons of occupancy rates but projections are that the parking lot will do very well.


    The buyers, as owners can choose to get their slot either in the open area, or in the under ground parking development. The developers will issue a slot number to the buyers .  All other terms and returns are the same as for the purchase of regular rooms.


    Guaranteed rental revenues on invested amount. Parking slots has returns and payments options similar as to the studio rooms. For any clarifications please contact info@eastwestdevelopments.com


    It does not matter if your particular Slot number is rented or not. As the revenue from all the parking is pooled together and the revenue divided in equal proportion among the owners.

    This lists prices on  many different types of ownership.  
    In addition to  Studio condos, the buyer can also invest in Parking slots, 1 Bedroom or larger units. Developer Buy-Back and Rental returns etc are comparable to Studio units.  
    Unit type   type  
    No. of units  
    Purchase Price in US $
    Price increase 
    in US$.
    Parking Slots 450 150   6,000 At regular intervals.
    Studio  units.
    At regular intervals.
    1 Bedroom unit
    Similar pro-rata increases
    2 Bedrooms 2 bath
    Similar pro-rata increases
    Presidential Suites 
    Similar pro-rata increases
    For more clarifications, pricing or details, please contact