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Buy-back details.
Free 5* Hotel Property viewing.
  •   2 months before the completion date, the Condo Buyers and the full Parking slot Buyers are sent an invitation to attend the Grand opening function of their hotel. Fractional Parking slot buyers are not eligible for this invitation. Invitation includes:
  •    One free economy round-trip air-fare.  Hotel transfers.  3 nights, 4 days stay. 4 days of Food & drinks. Breakfast, Lunch, 2 hours of Happy hour every evening, Dinner. Snacks and beverage served thru out the day.  One day of sight-seeing. One day free for shopping etc. 100% Condo Buyers get Business class air-fare instead of economy and  stay in a VIP suite instead of the regular hotel room. 
  •     Tour of the property. During the tour the Buyer is offered Buy-Back at double his Purchase price. Paid either by cash or check or wired to his account any where in the world. If the Buyer does not take Buy-Back, then his rental income starts from the grand opening date. 100% owner gets 100% returns.  20% owner gets 20% of the returns.
  •      The Buyer has a choice.  #1.You can either select the Developer Buy-Back Guarantee on grand opening date. OR #2. Select to own your unit. As OWNER the buyer gets the ownership TITLE DEED and your rental income starts from the Grand opening date.


How can the developer guarantee the high rental returns and the Buy-Back option that gives you double your investment back.

  • Your question is valid. And the answer is quite simple:
  •    Regarding the Buy-back guarantee. The buyer is purchasing the property at a 50% discount. So the buyer already has the double your investment price built in their hands. This is a question of demand and supply.
  •    The present rental returns formula equates to the property price being 3 -4 times more than your buying price. As the rental rates increase, so will your property value. You may see these price jumps very soon.
  •    Buy back payment will not be given to Buyers before the grand opening date. It will  be given to Buyers only on or after the grand opening date.
  •    Buy back payment.  All payments when made will be released to all the Buyers/owners at the same time. Advance payments / loans to any one individual Buyer will not be released before the grand opening date.
  •    Buy back.  Buy-back option, the buyer can avail anytime on or after the grand opening date.  Buyer can even take rental income for a  few months or years, and then decide to take the Buy-back option. 
  •    Provided the Grand opening has been done, but the rental payment or Buy back payment is late. The developer after the grace period of 15 days will pay late fees to the Buyer at the rate of 16% per annum for the period late, till the promised payment is paid.
  •    Regarding the high rental returns: Please see the Rental Rates details on the property page.

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