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(Only 50% of the business is for sale. You can join as our Partner). 

Real Estate Business. Can be managed online from home.  Invest US$24,000.

Fixed return of $100,000. Risk Free Profit.



We are Realestate Developers, developing 5 star hotels. We are developing many Hotel properties with profit of over US$10 millions on each property by completion date of each hotel. - of which maximum 50% ($5 mil.) is shared with the partners. These are big amounts. But this is no fairy tale.  Please check our websites  If you like what we are doing then select a hotel of your choice and join us, and take a  partnership position in the hotel with us, the developer.  .

BUSINESS INCOME  OPPORTUNITY  OF A LIFETIME:  You can join us as our partner and manage online from your home.          Jomtein Beach

Select the hotel of your choice for your partnership profits.  Checkout  these pre-construction properties. Links  below:         

Of these now only the hotels in Delhi and Jaisalmer in India, Turkey, Nigeria, and Zanzibar are still open for partnership. The others are  taken, and not available for partnership.

Select the partner % you want in your hotel  for your profits:   4 partnership percentages are available as per table below.  Select the percentage you are intersted in earning   Preference will be given to having 10% or 25% Partners.  We are giving away a maximum of 50% of ownership. So we cannot accomodate everyone and some intending partners will be refused. 
Investment  required In US$ amount  % of Partner Share  Income expected in US$ 
1    24,000  1 100,000
2  225,000  10  1 million
3  530,000  25  2.5 millions
4 995,000 50  5 millions 
 Joining partners can pay their amount in monthly installments. Pay in 25 interest free monthly installments. Joining partners when selecting  the monthly installment Payment Plan has  agreed to accept the details and terms of the monthly payment plan. Link:   OR you can pay the full  purchase price now and get 10% discount.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:       Joining partner can change his mind and withdraw his partnership and get 100% of his money back from EWD within 7 days.

Free Mercedez C250 car during the opening ceremony of the Jaisalmer condo hotel. As details below.

FREE Mercedez Car:  The Company will give away  Mercedez C250 cars during the opening ceremony of the Jaisalmer condo hotel. 1 car for each 10% of ownership. Ownership can be on any one hotel, or all your hotels added together. So all Partners with more than 10% partner ownership will get a free Mercedez Car, and some Partners with higher shares will get multiple cars or cash $50,000 in lieu of each car. If the Partner needs delivery of the car, he has to be present at the opening ceremony, otherwise the check will be sent to him. 

Payments to Partners:  On each  pre-construction Hotel  property our profits are over $10 millions on completion of each development. From this the developer gives away $5 millions to the partners in that hotel. Completion date is also the payment date to the joining partners. Scheduled published completion dates are from 2020 to 2023. Checking of development completion dates is online as printed and published on . As each hotel is completed, the joining partner receives as per their percentage.  
50% Partner receives $5 millions. (Buy-back at over 500%).
25% Partner receives $2.5 millions.
10% Partner receives $1 million.
1% Partner receives $100,000.
~ The valid completion date for payment will be the date on the offical Occupation Certificate as issued by the Building Department of the City. On completion each hotel will have a opening ceremony.
~  Developer will pay an extra $10,000 for trip when a partner attends the opening ceremony of his hotel.
~ All payments when made will be released to all the Partners/owners at the same time. Advance payments to any one individual Partner before the completion date will not be released.

Buyer when making a purchase, agreed he has read, understood and accepted all the Terms & Conditions. Link:  if the Buyer does not agree with the terms and conditions, then do not purchase. A WORD OF CAUTION: 
The Seller does not Purport the Buyer purchase as a "QUICK GET RICH SCHEME" 

 Penalty on delay: 10% Penalty to EWD on delays. EWD feels very strongly about completing the developments on time. Competion dates are from 2020 to 2023. Details and dates of the completion of our development projects are printed and published on the respective property pages. . In case of delay of any project for any reason,  if the developer  fails to complete any development on time as scheduled and published on the website, Then the EWD will pay on completion of the partner's property damages to the joining partner. The damages are an extra payment to the joining partners of 10%.

Late Payments:  All payments have a grace period of 30 days for accounting purposes. In the event the Developer is unable to make the legally due payment on completion, then the partners will be entitled to receive 1% (one percent) per month as interest, on the due payment from the Developer, calculated from the due date to the date of payment.

All payments will first be applied to interest and the balance to principle. EWD will remain fully bound until full payment is made or excused.

How can the developer give the high returns to the partner.

  • Your question is valid. And the answer is quite simple:
  •     There are various hotel products. Units & products for sale in the Hotel development are: Condos, rooms, Studios, 1 Bedroom units, 2 Bedroom units, Presidential suites,  Parking Slots, Retail spaces in the shopping arcade, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars, Night Club, Discotheque, Convention Center, Meeting Hall, Banquet Rooms, Party rooms, Wedding Hall, Gym, Fitness Center, etc. These products like the condos are sold or leased to individual investors or professionals.

    Projected Sell out sales from all the products from a 300 rooms development is expected at over $40 Million.

    In the past we have added 1-2 new project every year. In future new projects may be added for completion from 2023 to 2025.  On each new additional project, the company value is likely to increase by $10 millions.  There is plenty of room to grow.

     Projected profits is $10 -$15 Millions from each hotel project. For payment to Partner we have fixed this as $10 millions.- of which only 50% ($5 mil.) is paid to the partners.


    What we want:  We are growing fast, and feel we can expand and grow faster by having a partner.  We are looking for an Associate/Collaborator/Partner to form a team to handle the increased volume and expansion of business. We are preparing for all this.  Since the projects will be funded from the advance sales to the Investors, the joining partner requires little cash as entry point. Preference will be given to Developers, Builders, Agents and Professionals connected with the Real Estate Industry.  We need only a serious partner who is committed to a long-term relationship.

    Background:  We have researched and gone through all the available pre-construction projects from around the world, and compared our properties with all the other projects worldwide. We have the best deal around. Go ahead and check it out for yourself. Please check and go through our properties and website. 

    Properties are sold to Buyers:  The Capital and funds for the land and construction of our projects are raised in advance from  investors. Our websites are also quite popular.

    These websites are like a 24 Hours open online store, and are bringing in money every hour. Buyers are increasing every month. 

    Marketing is very important:  We have spent big money on designing, building, maintaining & marketing these websites. 

    We are listed on the first page of the major Search Engines. Please check. Below are the links:

    Google: en&q=preconstruction+realestate+overseas+property+developments







    Conclusion:  This business has safe, defined controllable risk with amazing profits. Nothing can be better than this.  You Decide!


    Click for more Info:



    Sounds like a fairy tale, but true. This is an amazing proposal.

     For clarifications or questions send email to   .

    When Buyer wants to Sell out:

    The Partner can sell and assign his share to another party. This is a big plus for the Partner. Imagine with each new development the Partner prices will increase. And there will be many buyers for his share. And if selling, is the Partner's goal, then after 1-2 years with several new projects in hand the joining Partner is likely to get 2 times his investment. Or can sell half of his share and get his full investment back, and still hold half his partnership. It will be an easy sell. Assignment fee for substituting the name of the new Partner is 1% payable to the Company.

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